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EST. 2012
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About Trashness

Nice to meet you..
We're Trashness, a new kind of men's wear brand, based in The Netherlands. We aim to deliver high quality clothing and accessories at fair and affordable prices, while maintaining a respectable brand. Plus we offer free worldwide shipping on all products. And our small customer service team is open to handle any of your questions or comments fairly and quickly. We are most different than our competitors because of our affordability. But affordability is not our main focus, quality is. After we get the quality right, we worry about affordability. We don't compromise. We want to add as much value into each dollar customers spend at Trashness. That's what we're about. Trashness has been built from the ground to run as efficiently as possible.

Our competitors charge a lot more for two reasons. Their business is bloated to the modern consumer, driving costs up. And they enjoy a really big profit margin.

Company facts:
  • Established on 12-12-12 by Amin Eftegarie & Maarten van Damme
  • We offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all products
  • Top 5 countries: USA, UK, Italy, Japan, Germany
  • Excellent customer rating on Facebook

    Office Adres:
    Trashness Headquarter
    Lireweg 26
    2153 PH Nieuw-Vennep